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Tuesday 15th of November 03:48 AM

Warehouse Movers – LJ Furniture Movers Auckland


Moving Warehouse? Have a lot of products that require the services of an experienced professional moving company? Then call LJ Furniture Movers, we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to move products of all types quickly and efficiently.


Fully-equipped Warehouse Movers Auckland


We have the equipment to move a diverse range of products. Whether your move is a small one or involves large amounts of products and equipment, we can perform the task for you. We have high-capacity forklifts and can transport any goods on pallets.



Experienced Warehouse Movers

We have moved products of every description around Auckland and throughout the North Island - from chemicals to timber and everything in between. So give LJ Furniture a call on 0800 330 633 next time you need an experienced warehouse moving company.