No one enjoys packing – let LJ Furniture Movers do it for you.

At LJ Furniture Movers we can provide a full or partial packing service to make moving stress-free. Our service includes:

  • An experienced, fast, professional and careful team of packers
  • Everything packed, from your furniture to your small treasures
  • We work to your timeframe
  • We specialise in packing heavy goods
  • We have the expertise and packing equipment for fragile items
  • We organise the packing process, so unpacking is easy
  • Offer a reasonable rate
  • Provide free, no obligation quotes
  • Offer discount rates at Storage King


Our Packing Services When You Are Moving to A New House

Moving to a house can be stressful. One of the reasons many people feel this stress is because there is so much that needs to be done before your possessions can be loaded onto the truck ready for transporting to your new home.


This includes packing everything so it’s ready to move.


As with everything in life, the more you do it, the better you become. Our packers at LJ Furniture Movers have more experience than anyone. Not only that, they undertake training plus we stay up to date with the latest industry thinking and best practices. This ensures our packing services for moving you to your new house are as efficient and cost-effective as possible.


We’ll pack everything in your home, not just the small and valuable items you own. For larger items, our packing services involve making the items easier to lift and move as well as ensuring they are properly protected to prevent them from getting accidentally damaged during the move.


We use the best packing products available including specially made boxes, tape, and wrapping materials. Specialist packaging speeds up the packing process, saving you money, plus specialist packing is easier to move. Not only that, but specialist packaging will help to protect your belongings.


It’s time to book our packing services for your upcoming move. Contact us today.


Reasons to Choose Us When Looking for House Packers in Auckland

  • We have a specialist team of packers with experience of all types of packing project
  • Our packers work efficiently to ensure the packing is complete as soon as possible
  • Our packing services are available to both residential and commercial customers
  • We will take every precaution possible to protect your belongings during the moving process
  • We only use high-quality packing materials
  • Our packers are friendly and professional
  • We are reliable, so you don’t have to worry about us being late or holding up your move
  • We can help you estimate how much packing materials will be required to pack all your belongings
  • Our prices are competitive

Unpacking Services

If you book our unpacking services too, we’ll help you get settled into your new home by unpacking all your belongings once the boxes have been moved from the truck inside. This speeds up the settling in process so you can relax and enjoy your new home sooner.


Talk to the team at LJ Furniture Movers on 0800 330 633 to discuss your packing and moving needs.