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Packing and Packaging

No one enjoys packing – let LJ Furniture Movers do it for you. We offer a full packing service, which utilises the trained experts on our team and our specialist packing materials so you don’t have to deal with the dreary task of packing up. Specialist packaging speeds up the packing process and makes it easier to move, saving you time and money.

Our packing services are comprehensive and we can pack all the items in your home or office. We take extra care to make sure all your items are properly protected to prevent any accidental damage that could occur in the moving process. For larger items, we expertly pack them to make them easier to lift and maneuver. Our specialist team of packers work efficiently to pack up quickly, and make it as easy as possible to unpack at the other end. We also offer unpacking services to eliminate stress and get you set up in your new space faster.

We use the best packing products available including specially made boxes, tape and wrapping materials to ensure your belongings are safe and secure during the move. We also build crates for furniture and can provide specialised packaging if your belongings require a specific solution. We can provide all the necessary materials if you want to do the packing yourself. We offer bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard, crepe paper and fragile tape to make sure even the most delicate items will be protected during transportation, and have a wide range of boxes in all sizes as well as wardrobe boxes so you can move anything, big or small. Check out our Tips page to get our expert advice on making packing easy, or get in touch through our online contact form or on 0800 330 663 to talk about how we can eliminate the stress from packing up your home or business.

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