Moving Insurance

  • Make sure to check with your insurer that your contents insurance policy covers relocations.


  • Many insurance companies do not include moving insurance in their policy and a separate policy needs to be purchased.


  • LJ furniture movers are happy to organise moving insurance on your behalf.



Terms and Conditions

The Goods are to be carried at the owner's risk.

This means the carrier is not liable for damage eg scratches, broken items, cracked glass, loss of goods or any electrical applicances that may not work after installation.

Any items packed by the client will not be insured.

Once a free quote has been submitted an estimate will be sent by email based on the information provided by the client.

This estimate is confirmation that the client has agreed to the terms and conditions and entered into a contract with LJ Furniture Movers.

Additional costs may be incurred if on commencement of the moving job it is discovered that inaccurate information was supplied by the client to LJ Furniture Movers.