Commercial Moving Services

LJ Furniture Movers offer a great service to ensure a seamless and low-cost move for your office or business. We’ve moved Auckland businesses of all sizes over the years, from small family owned operations to major companies, so we’ve got the know-how under our belt to help your company have a smooth moving experience and get back in action as soon as possible.

We place a big emphasis on efficiency, minimizing downtime and keeping productivity levels high throughout the moving process. Based on your company’s specific needs and timelines, we will design a moving plan that works alongside your schedules and requirements. We’ll let you know the plan in advance, and help arrange the perfect date and time which suits you to make the move effortless.


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Our Commercial Packing & Unpacking Services

Alongside our commercial moving solutions we also offer a full packing service, which utilises our specialist materials and knowledge so your business doesn’t need to worry about the time-consuming task of packing. Specialist packaging speeds up the packing process and makes it easier to move, saving your business time and money.


Our packing services are comprehensive and we can pack all the items in your office or business, and take extra care to make sure all your items big or small are properly protected to prevent accidental damage and larger items are packed to make them easier to lift and handle. You can also book our unpacking service to make things easier at the other end and make moving in quicker and stress-free and you can get back in business faster. Contact us today to talk about our office relocation services and how we can make moving your business easy.

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