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Tips for Moving Home

Accessing your Home

It is very important that the team at LJ Furniture Movers know what to expect when it comes to accessing your home for the move.


Things to do / remember:

  • Trim back tree lined driveways, or big shrubs so the furniture truck can fit.
  • Clean and remove any Slime, Oil, or Greasy areas around your home – if areas of these are present, it could prevent the truck from getting close to your home
  • Remember that a furniture truck is at least 3.4m High and 2m Wide.


Doing this will save time and save you money.

Packing Yourself

No one likes this job and you can use the professional packing services of LJ Movers. If you do decide to it yourself experienced packers will tell you to start with the smaller rooms and progress through the house until you come to the big rooms.


Once you get to this stage, it is important to get another pair of hands to help get things out of the cupboards or wardrobes etc.

Saving Money When Moving

Here are some things to keep in mind to save the mover time when moving.


  • Break down beds (and remember to tape up the bed slats)
  • Tape up bedside tables together
  • Dismantle the washing machine
  • Empty the Fridge and Freezer
  • Wash down any slime or oil or greasy areas around your home
  • Trim back trees and shrubs that might be in the way of the furniture moving truck
  • Move any outdoor furniture to a central area, eg. The front of your house
  • Keep all pot plants together